Paraffin or Mud Treatment
Hand and Foot
Tips with Acrylic / Silk / Gel / Solar Nails
For Elegant, Natural looking Nails
Nail Fill-Ins
Maintenance on Nail Tips needed every 2 weeks (Gel, Silk and Acrylic Available)
Foot regeneration, Callous removal, Cuticle treatment, Nail Color and Foot massage. (Ask about Spa Pedicure -> more massage, more pampering for your feet)
Shaping of Nails, cuticle treatment, hand massage to increase circulation, and nail polish.

Bring back the natural glow of your skin with one of our facials:

European facial
Masculine facial
Anti-Aging facial
Acne treatment facial
Facials also relieves tension and stress


Upper lips
Full leg
Half leg
Full arm
Under arm Leaves the skin completely smooth, 3 to 6 weeks before re-growth, no stubble, retards hair growth.
Back Waxing for men
Provides a clean look and better hygiene) Leaves the skin completely smooth, 3 to 6 weeks before re-growth, no stubble, retards hair growth.
Professional Massage Only

As you can see, we can now offer more services to pamper our customers, especially after a hard day’s work. Ask about our massage which celebrates life and health by reliving built-up tension, pressure and pain from overused muscles.

Massage is a natural homeopathic solution that could be a substitute to evasive surgery and ongoing, lifelong pain.

Consult with a massage therapist today, and you could be on a path to less stress, pain-free lifestyle and kick pain to the curb.

Massage benefits include:

Stress relief
Eased discomfort during pregnancy
Pain Management
Relaxed mind and body
Increase blood circulation
Improved range of motion and muscle tone
An overall feeling of well being
The most common styles of massage therapy:

Deep tissue massage
Swedish massage
Hot stone massage
Reflexology massage
Cranial massage
Cranial Sacral Therapy is an hour of deep muscle massage on the base of the skull and neck and on the lower back and spine. It is designed for the stressed out cubical crowd, who are tethered to their keyboards; or the working man lifting boxes all day.